»What I didn’t expect is that the children have a natural tendency to speak English with me.«

My name is Kayla Bockshorn. I was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania USA. Six years ago I decided to move to Germany with my husband and son. Since then, I have found my passion for English. For several years now I have been assisting various classes at the Roter Hahn Primary School in Kücknitz. My intent is to incorporate English in all subjects as authentic as possible for the children using every day conversation.

I like to play my guitar, hold discussions, and play anything from board games to outdoor activities with all class levels. They always have questions for me about American culture. It is very interesting for both myself and the children to talk about where we are from. What I didn't expect is that the children have a natural tendency to speak English with me versus someone who has learned English as a foreign language.

I accompany the lessons in English by implementing the vocabulary they are currently using in my native language. With the help of a great teacher team, we have even been able to explain German grammar using English during a German language lesson. No matter where you look, English is everywhere! I was amazed at how well the children could follow along. The most rewarding thing is watching the first grade class progress into the fourth grade class. Again and again I see the benefits of children learning English in a bilingual setting. At a younger age, primary school children tend to repeat and retain the English language with fewer mistakes and often their pronunciation is more flawless.

It is so rewarding to watch a child progress through our bilingual concept. It builds  the motivation and confidence they need to have a successful school career. Currently, I am studying for a Masters of English Literature. Helping children learn English has inspired me so much that I would like to make a long term career out of it.

Kayla Bockshorn • Native Speakerin an der Grundschule Roter Hahn

Kayla Bockshorn
Kayla Bockshorn
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