Project report

“Languages open a lot of doors.”

Anja Bartz (left) with her family
Anja Bartz (left) with her family

For us, choosing to move to Lübeck and send our children to a bilingual school was the right decision. Many people questioned our choice and wondered why we were making life complicated for ourselves and moving up to the North of Germany. Taking the children away from their home and moving back to Germany was only possible for us because we found the perfect school where our children could continue to use their English language skills.

The children are very proud to be pupils at the Roter Hahn primary school. They find it exciting to meet English native speakers at school and it keeps them open-minded and curious. In the broadest sense of the word, they “experience” the English language as it is a normal part of their curriculum and it helps them to be much more open when meeting new people. It is simply completely normal for them to use both languages.

Regardless of which two languages a child grows up with – languages open up so many doors and opportunities that you simply cannot let opportunities like this slip by!

The Bartz family

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