The project

Project reports

Henriette Kohnert

“Children learning English through play in kindergarten”

Henriette Kohnert • English speaking employee in the kindergarten “Die kunterbunte Kinderkiste”

Kayla Bockshorn

“The children have a natural tendency to speak English with me.”

Kayla Bockshorn • native speaker at the Roter Hahn Primary School

Peter Bright

“The key for me is learning by doing.”

Peter Bright • native speaker at the Stadtpark School

Angela Rawson

“It has been a truly lovely experience.”

Angela Rawson • native speaker at the Stadtpark School

Shannon Stolzenberg

“I am eager to see the progress the kids will have made.”

Shannon Stolzenberg • native speaker at the Trave Community School and the Trave Gymnasium

Justine Lorenz

“A life-changing experience for us all”

Justine Lorenz • bilingual socio-educational assistant

Joshua Batson

“What makes me really happy is when the children start asking questions.”

Joshua Batson • native speaker, coach for American football and lacrosse

Stadtpark School
PDF, English

Stadtpark School: Nine-month report

Ralph Bartolomew • interview about the afternoon programme at Stadtpark School

Jay Chrapala
PDF, English

Luther School: Six-month report

Jay Chrapala • “Deutsch/English After-School-Program at the Luther School Lübeck – Six months review”

The family Bartz

“Languages open a lot of doors.”

After spending an extended period of time abroad, the Bartz family decided that they wanted their children to have a bilingual education.

Wanda M. Cohen

»It is extremely gratifying to see children develop confidence.«

Wanda M. Cohen • native speaker at the Stadtpark school

“Bilingual classes – what makes the difference?”

“Bilingual classes – what makes the difference?”

Melanie Pischke • chair of the Parent’s Association at the Luther School.

Jay Chrapala

Afternoon activity at the Luther School

The motto for the English programme at the Luther School is “Acceptance of English in everyday life”.

Pupils opinions

Pupils opinions

You can see what pupils think about the bilingual education project

Britta Neuhaus
PDF, German

DaZ (German as a second language) meets CLIL – Making the synergy effects of different language learning situations visible

Final report by Britta Neuhaus, doctoral candidate, and Prof. Dr. Julia Ricart Brede (Passau University), project leader